Joining Wyke Green lodge -Ionel

I was first introduced to the brethren of Wyke Green Lodge at the end of 2013. I met some very nice people  and all of them tried to make me feel like one of them. (And they accomplished it!)

In April 2014 I Took my first degree, which meant for me the first step into Freemasonry. I really enjoyed the ceremony because it was something special in my life and something that I really wished for.

In December 2014 I took my second degree. It was very special with a lot of guests and it was one of the most special moments in my life!

Every Thursday at 6:30 pm we have Lodge of Instruction where we practice and learn a lot of things about Freemasonry.

I want to thank all of my Brethren for accepting me, for what they taught me and how they have supported me.

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Joining Wyke Green Lodge
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