Ati and Ionel – Double Trouble

During the summer of 2014, our visiting officer, W.Bro. Paul Sully was contacted by W.Bro Gary Foley regarding two men interested in joining a masonic lodge. Both men had contacted the province separately, expressing an interest to learn more about freemasonry and how they could get involved.

On Tuesday 19th November 2013, a small number of brethren from Wyke Green met with Ati, the first prospective candidate at Cole Court. WE had a drink and discussed what he knew, and thought about Freemasonry, and we answered as many questions as we could.

a couple of weeks later, we met with Ionel and repeated the process.

Both men knew little about Freemasonry, and even less about Wyke Green Lodge but were curious about what we did, why we did it etc, and wanted to learn more. They both had lots of questions.

Over the next few months we met 3-4 times. usually after our Lodge of Instruction (Loi) which we hold every Thursday at Cole Court, Twickenham. We went out for a couple of meals, answered most of their questions, and made sure that both men were genuinely interested in what Freemasonry had to offer.

Brother Ati (Left) and Brother Ionel (Right) beside our Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Nick (April 2014)

It was also important that they understood the commitment they were making, to attend meetings and LoI as often as they could, without detriment to their family life, and work.In December, Ati attended  the meal following our Christmas meeting, joined in with the carols and enjoyed the choir.



Our intention was to give both men every opportunity to get to know our lodge, and the members before committing to join.

On 25th April 2014 we initiated Ati and Ionel in a double 1st degree ceremony. The meeting was well attended and both brothers had a great night.

Our thanks to W.Bro Gary Foley PPrDepGReg for introducing the two brethren to Wyke Green Lodge and advising us along the way

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