How do I become a Mason? – Joining our Lodge

How do I become a Mason?

Every Freemason was once curious about how to join, so we know how you feel.

There are many ways to join our lodge. Many of us have known about Wyke Green through a friend who is already a member. Some have been to one of our Ladies Festivals, or perhaps an Lodge of Instruction Supper.

However, these are not the only ways!

If you are interested in finding out more, please send our secretary Ron an email here, telling us a little about yourself and your interest in joining

We will contact you to have a chat and explain anything else which these pages have not answered.

Or call our secretary Ron direct on 07407054621 to have a quick chat about it.

The United Grand Lodge of England has an excellent page on its website which may be useful, entitled “What is Freemasonry” you can find it here

It has also published a booklet about joining called “What’s it all about? ”    You can find it here

If you would like to know more about Joining Fees and Annual Costs, please click the link below.

What Does it Cost?



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Joining our Lodge
There are many ways to join our lodge. Some have known about us through a friend who is a member.But some have made direct contact.